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Swimming NSW and Wylas Timing have partnered to give all their swim clubs a 3 day rental of our wireless timing system

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SNSW Club Feedback

See what clubs who rented the system last year had to say!

Obtaining, installing and using the system was pretty straight forward and we did not run into any major issues. The support provided was quick and efficient and we did not require any support during our first use of the system. The feedback from parents who were timekeeping was positive and the ability for coaches to access scoreboard on their phone is a great way for them to track their swimmers during the meets. We also routinely adjust events and heats and this new system allows us to move away from paper and manual efforts at each lane.

David (President) - SLC Aquadot

In general, the system was found to be easy to use with most of the feedback being that it was easy to use and operate. The Timekeepers found the mobile phone type of watch user friendly and had no problems with its operation. One of the best things about the System is there are no cables to be ran and no timing stands to set up, you only have one suitcase and two computers to bring, which means that you do not have to arrive exceedingly early to set the Meet up and less time to pack up.

Norman Roberts (President) - Coast & Valley Swimming Association
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